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Wordy Rimmed Plates - 19.50 cm - Set of 3

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All my work from the Seconds sale is sold as pictured and all sales are final – no refunds or returns available, sorry. All prices are discounted because that specific piece was a test and didn't make it to a collection, or because of some imperfections specifically described below and/or pictured. 

Sold as a set of 3 plates only - Why it's on sale: 

  • Plate 'faim': experiment on a darker clay body. A few scratches from a coarse sandpaper, especially at the back.
  • Plate 'small plates natural wines': a mini chip on the top rim next to the 'te' of 'plates.
  • Plate 'nobody's home today': one-off extra from a bespoke order, nothing wrong with it.


Approximate size: diameter 19.50 cm, height 2 cm
Approximate weight: 300 g


  • Plate 'faim': matt white glaze at the centre, rim and bottom left unglazed. Dark speckled stoneware.
  • Plate 'small plates natural wines': matt white glaze at the centre, rim and bottom left unglazed. Classic sanded buff stoneware.
  • Plate 'nobody's home today': bruised peach glaze at the centre, rim and bottom left unglazed. Yellow buff stoneware.


All tableware is food and dishwasher safe, however hand washing will extend the life of your pieces. 

Ceramics shouldn't be exposed to rapid temperature changes. Use in microwaves is not recommended, as there is the chance of cracking.


Each piece has its own character, with beautiful imperfections, as they are all hand built in my East London studio, before going through two high-temperature kiln firings. I use recycled stoneware, so little speckles and nuances may appear from time to time, that's the beauty of it.