Lunar White collection - Pre-orders released

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Oval small dish / Trinket dish - Simple - Various colours

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Approximate size: length 15.50 cm, width 11 cm, height 1.50 cm
Approximate weight: 180 g


  • Cloudy green: sometimes more on the green side, sometimes more on the blue one, that's the magic of this ever-changing glaze with lots of iridescent nuances. Please look at all the pictures to see what it can look like as it varies from one piece to another.
  • Cloudy white: a clearly-not-so-simple white with lots of iridescent nuances. The natural colour of the clay makes some appearances too.
  • Gloss white: a shiny white glaze with a toasted edge.


Hand washing will extend the life of your pieces. 

Ceramics shouldn't be exposed to rapid temperature changes. Use in microwaves is not recommended, as there is the chance of cracking.