my-hungry-valentine-ceramics-oval-platter-nt-brushedwhite-transparent-side  2036 × 1576px
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Nesting oval platters - Set of 2 - Brushed white + Natural

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Approximate sizes:
Platter 1 (brushed white): length 34.50 cm, width 14 cm, height 1.50 cm
Platter 2 (natural): length 30.50 cm, width 10 cm, height 1.50 cm
Approximate weight (total): 950 g


I hand-build the pieces from a high-quality, slightly speckled stoneware clay.

The glazes used are food-safe. The glazes will vary slightly from one piece to the other, according to how it was brought to life in the kiln - that's the beauty of this process.

Each piece has its own character, with beautiful imperfections, as they are all hand built in my Madrid studio, before going through two high-temperature kiln firings.