Take action on hunger and poverty

You can be a part of the fight to end hunger in Ontario. There are many ways that you can get involved and help #FeedChange in our province.



Food bank use in Ontario continues to rise and more families are facing hunger for the first time. You can help ensure food banks have the food and resources to meet the needs in their community.

Learn about the issues

In our annual Hunger Report, we revealed that more than 800,000 Ontarians accessed a food bank last year, explored the drivers that led to this record high food bank use becoming the 'new normal' in our province, and provide recommendations to ensure Ontario has a strong social safety net, quality jobs, and an affordable cost of living.

We also publish research like the Cost of Poverty, which shows that poverty costs Ontario up to $33 billion per year.

Explore how hunger impacts your community

Statistics like "800,822 people used a food bank" seem almost too big to think about, but behind that number are countless stories of our neighbours struggling to make ends meet.

You can learn more about the impacts:

Advocate for change

Food insecurity and poverty are complex issues that can only be solved by good public policy and adequate support programs that ensure all Ontarians have the income they need to afford their basic necessities each month.

Read our recommendations for change and then let your local representative know that you don't want hunger to become the new normal in Ontario.

Share on social

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Start a fundraiser

Invite others to join you in the fight against hunger. Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, as a team-building activity for your office, or a challenge among friends, a fundraiser is an excellent way to have fun and make a change in your community.

Volunteer at a food bank

Give back to your community by volunteering your time or lending your skills at your local food bank.

We've got a seat waiting for you!

Will you join us at the table to help Feed Ontario?